During the first Thursday of every month, Laila Helena offers online FREE masterclasses for you to delve into the health and wellbeing of your family. Laila cover’s all topics ranging from gut and immunity to hormones, pregnancy and postpartum. Note these dates down in your calendar and make sure to sign out to her mailing list so you never miss a class. Laila will endeavour to invite colleagues and other professionals to contribute to each masterclass. Next up we visit the wonderful world of gut health.

Next Masterclass ~ Caring for Your Gut After the Festive Season 6th January


  • 3rd February
  • 3rd of March
  • 7th April
  • 5th May
  • 2nd June
  • 7th July
  • 4th August
  • 1st September
  • 6th October
  • 3rd November
  • 1st December

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