Blood Test Cheat Sheet for Optimal Ranges

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The only blood test cheat sheet that considers optimal ranges during breastfeeding for optimal infant health. Considering breastmilk transfer of key nutrients that are commonly low in babies.

It also provides you with information to help you take charge of your mood and energy, AND continue to enjoy motherhood even when you are incredibly sleep-deprived. 

The cheat sheet has been compiled using extensive research to prevent common infant issues while also supporting optimal maternal health. 

Knowledge is power, and here at Oh Healthy Baby, we understand that not everyone will want to book a 1:1 consultation. This guide is our way of making this information more accessible while respecting the research hours that have gone into it.

15 Blood Tests that are covered:

  • Vitamin D, B12 and folate,
  • Iron studies and zinc,
  • CRP and ESR (inflammation),
  • Fasting insulin and glucose,
  • Thyroid: TSH, FT4, FT3 and TPO (antibodies).
  • BONUS: blood test ordering checklist
  • BONUS: getting adequate results checklist


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