5 simple ways to BOOST your baby’s GUT HEALTH when starting solids

Ditch the STRESS & OVERWHELM and start feeding your baby with EASE

In this FREE MASTERCLASS you will…

learn how to start feeding your baby solids even if you are tired & sleep deprived.


Optimise your baby’s gut health

& reduce the risk for allergies, poor immunity & behavioural issues.

Let go of the guilt associated with creating picture perfect meals

and start to enjoy mealtimes together.

Learn how to include keys nutrients for your baby’s health

without it becoming an extra load on your already busy to-do-list.


How to know if your baby is ready for solids

How to support your baby's gut with food

My number 1 tip for encouraging a love for food

Tips to include nutrient dense foods without stress

My go-to foods when you're tired AF

My number 1 supplement for babies starting solids

Say goodbye to self-doubt and fear and leave the masterclass feeling more confident and empowered to feed your baby as you please, rather than being swayed by popular opinion.

In the masterclass, we will be merging the latest research with our innate and ancestral knowledge of how to raise babies in good health.

Uncovering common myths about infant gut health and feeding.

Helping you go from overwhelmed & confused to confident and happy.


Hi, my name is Laila. I am a busy mama just like you. I have a 7 month of old girl and a creative 9-year-old boy. I often parent solo so I know what it is like to be tired, short for time and uninspired to cook.

I am your presenting naturopath and mama and I help overwhelmed and busy mamas raise healthy and happy babies whilst still enjoying motherhood.

I hold a Bachelor in Health Science (Naturopathy),  amongst other certificates that help me develop accessible tools to support new mums and their babies. I’m a total infant microbiome nerd and I am passionate about infant health because I believe many chronic health conditions are preventable.

Women's and children's naturopath

Improving global health,

one baby at a time.